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The Vehicle Files - yeah, some of it's not for sale

Your one stop spot for some of the wierdest, coolest and most outrageous vehicles and associated gear on the planet. If it's borderline unobtainable, or just cool and fun, you can probably find where to get it here.


Covini C6W

Price: $400,000

Amphicruiser amphibious 4x4

Price: $180,000

Tomberlin ANVIL EV

Price: $14,995


2Moto Radix snow bike

Price: $4,500 + motorcycle

Zero Scooter by Bel & Bel

Price: $4,750

DTV Shredder

Price: $3,999


Icon A5 Sport Aircraft

Price: $189,000

FlyNano Microlight

Price: $36,000 (TBC)

Parajet Sky Runner

Price: $119,000


Innespace Seabreacher

Price: $80,000 (starting)

Transparent Canoe

Price: $2,600 (approx)

Jet Capsule

Price: $250,000 (approx)


RED5 U4 Gyro RC helicopter

Price: $30 (approx)

Traxxas XO-1 RC car

Price: $699

BMW E36 Convertible

Price: Unknown


How can I get my hands on this stuff?
Each vehicle or product is different. If we sell it, we'll make it clear on that page. If we don't sell it, but we know who does, we'll point you in their direction so you can make contact. If it's something that's just cool, but is definatley not for sale, we'll make that abundantly clear.

Why don't you just sell it all directly?
Well because that would be next to impossible. We don't have space to store mini submarines, light aircraft and lots of other weird and wonderful machines. But we can bring it altogether in one place online so you know where to spend that lottery win.

Can you help me buy some of this stuff from the manufacturers?
Err. No. We'll tell you who's selling or building it. From there on it's your party.

How do you calculate prices?
The prices are taken from a variety of sources, including manufacturer's RRPs, latest auction prices and industry averages. They are subject to change, and should be considered a guide.

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